Name: Brenton Abrahams
Position: Director
Qualification: National Diploma Civil Engineering
Professional Registration: Project Management South Africa – Reg No. 8527 | Association of Arbitrator – Reg No. 3208

Brenton Abrahams, a qualified civil engineer and project manager with experience in development, project and construction management held a position as an executive director and partner of PM Africa International from December 2010 – 2012. PM Africa is consultancy construction project management firm established in 1998. Brenton joined the Billion Group as a development manager and assisted the group expanding into West Africa (Angola, Nigeria, Ghana) in the retail development sector. Brenton currently leads Landmark DSP International (PTY) Ltd as the Group CEO with offices in Mozambique and Ghana.

Brenton’s 17 years of Project and Construction management experience extends from development conception through to project commissioning and final hand over. An integral part of his service is the understanding and the application of the applicable contracts on projects.

His multi-faceted, diverse and hand on approach to project management has resulted in the successful delivery of a range of ionic, multi million rand projects across the development spectrum.

Brenton completed 5 years at Sun City as project manager responsible for the refurbishment of Sun City’s existing hotels, Entertainment Areas and Casino’s.  He has also completed the development of the 150 units of the New Vacation Club at Sun City.

Brenton has further spent 5 years with Rani Resorts developing hotels and resorts in Dubai, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Name: Vishnu Somaru
Position: Director
Qualification: Bachelor of Technology Quantity Surveying
Professional Registration: Association of South African Quantity Surveyors – Reg. No.  3937 | South African Council for the Quantity Surveying Profession – Reg. No. 2830 | Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors – Reg. No. 6336021

A highly experienced and self-motivated professional team leader dedicated to the Company and its aspirant and successful personnel. He is keenly developing young, vibrant trainees and professionals into successfully innovative team leaders. These individuals will then be capable of leading the Company to greater heights in their drive for quality service and global reach. Vish is currently the Director of Somaru and Associates Incorporated, a Quantity Surveying and Project Management Company based in Durban with satellite offices throughout South Africa.

Over the past 41 years he has acquired the skill for quality, accuracy, professionalism and the ability to perform at peak even under the most demanding conditions in the industry. His strongest quality being the ability to motivate individuals and teams to constantly acquire knowledge and to adapt to the changing requirements of the industry. Vish and his team strive to efficiently utilize technology and innovations for the improvement of the solutions he provides to his Clients.

He enjoys working with people who are honest, dedicated and possess the drive to succeed as leaders in the industry.  Above all, he subscribes to the ethic of sound practice in both in life and business. Vish is adaptable to change and completely committed to the protection of his working environment.  He has a proven track record of minimizing the costs of Projects, and enhancing the ‘value-for-money’ proposition while still achieving the required quality standards.

His experience in the quantity surveying profession includes the contracting sector as well as the professional sector.  The expertise he offers is therefore both that of a contractor’s quantity surveyor/estimator and a professional quantity surveyor/ estimator.

By nature he is a sincere and emotionally motivated individual with a dream to grow the company.  With his current young and devoted staff of future leaders he aims to lead with a legacy to follow. In the last 41 years with the building fraternity he has grasped every bit of knowledge of good building practices and absolute ethics in the professional arena.

Name: Nitesh Jithoo
Position: Director
Qualification: Bachelor of Technology Civil Engineering
Professional Registration: Engineering Council of South Africa – Reg. No. 201170330 | The South African Council for Project and Construction Management Profession – Reg. No. D/2249/2016 | South African Institute of Civil Engineering – Reg. No. 201111284 | National Home Builders Registration Council – Competent Engineer

Nitesh is a qualified professional engineering practitioner and a professional project and construction manager.  He held a position as Associate Director at VNA Consulting between 2010 and 2014.  He established Jithoo Professional Consultants (PTY) Ltd in 2015 where as CEO focussed on structural and civil engineering and project and construction management.  He has successfully worked on many flagship Projects ranging from airports, bridges and both residential and commercial Projects.  His focus is on driving the practise forward by acquiring new Clients, marketing, engineering and management of Projects.

Nitesh has 16 years’ experience in the Built Environment. Jithoo Professional Consultants (PTY) Ltd has the support of a large team of highly qualified and experienced professionals of diverse talents and considerable levels of management skills which have worked well together in the past ensuring sufficient capacity and resources to deliver challenging assignments.  He is confident that through adopting a partnership approach with the Client, all deliverables can be achieved, whilst minimising or even negating any potential risk to the organisation.

Nitesh was the engineer on the Dube Tradeport / ACSA Airport at King Shaka International.  He also undertook the design, implementation and management of various roads and bridges for the KZN  Department of Transport.